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Ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with numbers and creating. It could be any kind of project; beading, stitching, papercrafts, painting, it really didn’t matter. I would take to any new craft like a fish to water. The same was true for anything related to mathematics and numbers. I spent hours on end listening to music and making my way through numerous math problems.

This is the way I’ve always been; I know of no other way to be and I don’t think I could change.

As time passed by, I got my graduate degrees in Mathematics and Operations Research but at the same time I started a creative blog and wrote several books for the Amazon Kindle. These books ranged from card making to mixed media and more.

Today when I would like to place myself in a neat little box and write a simple paragraph ‘about me’ I’m getting stuck. I can’t define myself as just an artist or just a mathematician, I’ve always been both and feel life without the other would be quite dull.

So now I run a software/digital marketing company and my creative blog. I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur with an education in mathematics and a passion to create. I love pretty things, beautiful spaces, happy colors and elegant proofs. I hope you’ll join me on my journey as I DIY my way through this precious and beautiful thing called life!

My name is Mahe Zehra aka MZ and welcome to MZ Creates!

Here on my blog I’ll stick to the workings of my right brain. All my creative DIYs, product reviews, book crushes and travel diaries are hosted here.

I love to create all sorts of things so you will find art journaling, mixed media, Zentangle (I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher), drawing, watercolor tutorials and DIYs here. I love hosting fun parties with beautiful tablescapes, décor and fun and yummy eats. I also enjoy creating beautiful spaces. I feel if we are in a happy environment, we tend to be our best selves and so you will find some home décor tips and DIYs here as well.

Most of all though I just love sharing the joy of creating something beautiful on a budget – yup I am super conscious of the budget aspect – and I hope you’ll enjoy your visit with me!

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I am SO happy you’re here!