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The Zentangle Art Class


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The Zentangle Art Class is a comprehensive video course that comes with fun downloads and 14 unique video classes that cover all the Zentangles Art basics. This is the perfect class for beginners and new tanglers.Join Mahe Zehra CZT on video as she shares the 8 steps of the Zentangle method, her favorite supplies to tangle with, lots of tangles, projects and even life lessons that she learnt from practicing the Zentangle art form. If you’ve been wondering what Zentangle is all about then now is the time to learn more. Each video class is under 20 minutes and is fun and easy to watch and follow along with. You can master Zentangle basics in as little at 30 minutes a day in under 4 weeks!The details of each module are shown below.The art of Zentangle is a wonderful meditative art form and if you’ve always wanted to draw but thought your art wasn’t good enough then this is the perfect art form for you. If you can sign your name, you can Zentangle Not only will we go over all the basic supplies and steps in this method, we’ll also learn many tangles and enhancements. We will also cover tangle variations and make fun projects using our finished tiles. And if you love color then you’ll be happy to know that we even cover color and Zentangle in this video class!This class comes with fun downloads and worksheets and even a playlist for you to download and listen to while you tangle!The best part? This class is 40% for a limited time only and you have have access to all this creative goodness for only 29 USD!What are you waiting for? Take this video class now!


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