A Simple Christmas Tree Setup – DIY December

by Mahe Zehra

I love Christmas Trees! Always have and always will. There is something about the season, the trees and the Hallmark movies that gets me every every time. I’m a Muslim but we have always had Christmas in our house growing up. I know all the carols. I love the feeling of the holidays and family coming home. We started with a simple plant that we used to decorate when we were younger and now I’ve moved on to a full fledged proper indoor tree!

This year I wanted to make some ornaments myself and also create a themed tree. My theme? Merry and Bright! So for this tree I made some handmade ornaments. I made some painted ones, ribbon ornaments and glittery pinecones too! You can click on the links above to go see those DIY December posts too.

This post is all about how I set my tree up. I am by no means an expert at all! I am just sharing what I did and looking back I know what I should have maybe done differently.

I started with wrapping the tree in some shocking pink organza. I used the tree branches, since mine is an artificial one, to loop the fabric and hold it in place. I went around randomly but always left the fabric a little loose to get the kind of loops I wanted.

Next I should have done the lights. The ones I had were burnt out so I had to wait for new ones.  But once I get going on a DIY I don’t like waiting. So I moved on to the ornaments. I started with the larger ones and then added the smaller ones. I used the string holder on the top of the gold baubles and just stuck them into the branches. I like the way that looked better than them hanging since this gave me a bit more control over the way they looked.

I think a tree should tell a story and bring back memories. For me that is more important than the tree looking perfect. So my ornaments mostly stuck to the Merry and Bright theme but I also had some ornaments that I had collected over the years. Some were given to me by my parents. Some I had gathered from my travels. Some I made myself!

In the end I added my tree topper (amazing dollar tree find) and then the lights.

That’s it! Here’s a gallery of all the pictures I took!

What are your favorite ornaments? Do share with me in the comments below.

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas and wonderful time with loved ones!

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