by MZ

“We become more successful when we are happier and more positive. It turns out our brains are literally hardwired to perform at their best not when they are negative or even neutral, but when they are positive.” The Happiness Advantage

Happiness is not an elusive feeling, it is something that is crafted by focusing on the things in life that matter the most, the simple things. A memorable conversation, a travel experience, doodling, a craft project, a comfortable home. I believe these are the things that lead to the feeling of happiness. These are the journeys I document on my blog.

I create to be happy, I feel like happiness can be crafted and a beautiful life can be created no matter where you are in the world. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make us the happiest. That is what I focus on and believe in.

Creativity is the how. By looking at the world creatively you can do so much more. Learn a new skill. Make your home pretty. Have good times with friends and family.

I write blog posts and make videos to share my creative adventures with the world. My creative happiness blog posts, books and videos focus on DIYs, planning, vision boarding, home decor, parties and mindful creativity.

All we want is happiness! And yet the more we chase it the farther away it runs.  We set goals to ‘achieve’ happiness. If I lose 5 lbs I will be happy, if I get that promotion I will be happy. The problem is that doesn’t work and I’m saying that from experience.

After reading many self help books, (I am a HUGE believer in cognitive therapy) I realized that I had the concept of happiness all wrong. Happiness is not something to achieve it is something that can be crafted!

But then I’ve always known that in some part of my brain. Because I’ve been creating to take a break from life and to escape into a world of my own for years.

I’ve always balanced my mostly numbers and mathematics driven life with some sort of creative pursuits. I feel that art and creativity balance my life. They distract me from to-dos and the daily anxieties and stress of life. I have an over active mind and am anxious by nature and so creating and crafting has been a refuge for me at many trying times in my life.

This is why I create. Because I do believe that happiness can be crafted! And now even scientific research shows that happiness can be created. Our reality, quite a large chunk of it, really depends on how we view it and so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that our external circumstances predict only about 10% of our total happiness.

So that’s why even though I have a full time job and my training is in mathematics and data science, I create. And I love it! I feel it balances me, makes me happy and makes me a better version of myself.

MZ Creates is my attempt at sharing that happiness with all of you. Showing you the ways in which I ‘Craft my Happiness’. From art journalling to Zentangle, to home decor DIYs, travel adventures and good times with family and friends. These are all the ways in which I incorporate creativity into my life.

Most of all though I just love sharing the joy of creating something beautiful on a budget – yup I am super conscious of the budget aspect – and I hope you’ll enjoy your visit with me!

No matter what career path you’re on or where you are in the world I hope you’ll join me in crafting more happiness for ourselves!

Celebrate Life!


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