Best Zentangle Ideas Trending in 2021

by Mahe Zehra

If you are an art lover and excited about learning Zentangle art, you are in the right place! I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher and have been tangling for years.

Zentangle art is very relaxing. You start with really simple lines and shapes and by following directions and going one simple stroke at a time you end up with something complex yet beautiful! Zentangle art ideas are aplenty and you can see a lot of them on Google.

The Zentangle patterns are called tangles. There are many official tangles that have come from the Zentangle HQs but many CZTs from all over the world have added to the ‘official’ tangles and there are hundreds of designs to choose from!

What is Zentangle?

Zentangle art is a fun way to make a network of structured and repetitive patterns. These patterns are called tangles. Using just simple curves, lines, dots, and orbs, you can make beautiful shapes. Zentangle art is very easy to learn for beginners. These miniature pieces of unplanned and abstract art end up being complex and beautiful!

You can use color in Zentangle art as well, though most of the time I prefer the classic black and white option. Zentangle art is a form of creative therapy and meditation and helps us unwind and relax while creating something beautiful.

There are no hard and fast rules to start tangling.

  • You start with a basic tile (a 3.5 inch square of good quality paper).
  • Then add four dots in the corners.
  • Join the dots using free flowing lines.
  • Now create sections within this space.
  • Fill each space with a tangle.

In the examples below you will see us using outlines of objects and animals. You can do that too!

Zentangle art is for people of any age or skill level. If you are a beginner, you can start with simple Zentangle ideas, and work your way to making complex patterns. You can see some Zentangle patterns tutorials and tangling techniques of Zentangle patterns step by step on YouTube.

If you want a comprehensive course that takes you from the beginning all the way to a tangling pro you can check out my free Zentangle video class here:

Zentangle Patterns

Here are the names of some simple tangle patterns. Maybe you would like to google their instructions and learn them.

  • Cubine
  • Cyme
  • Dribbetz
  • Drupe
  • Echoish
  • Exe
  • Emingle
  • Ennies
  • Eye-wa
  • Fengle
  • Fescu
  • Festune
  • Fife
  • Finery
  • Floo
  • Flore
  • Flukes
  • Flux
  • Flacas

And many more…

Using these patterns alone and with a combination of others, you can make various Zentangle patterns in different shapes.

Materials you need to Zentangle

Zentangle art is not hard to start, all you need is pen and paper but the emphasis here is on good quality. I like using watercolor paper to draw on and Micron pens are recommended for tangling. You can see all the supplies I use and recommend in my free course: The materials include:

  1. Black fine-liner. The finer the pen nib, the more details you will be able to give to the patterns
  2. Pencils (2B and soft)
  3. Piece of paper

With just three items, you are ready to Zentangle!

Here are some examples of pieces created by me:

Best Zentangle Ideas Trending in 2021

Below are some ideas of Zentangle art for beginners to try. These are not the way conventional Zentangle goes but this is a technique I love to share with my students. Sometimes they like to start with a shape, especially students who are interested in coloring as well!

Start with any sort of shape and fill it in using tangle patterns. You can also add your own embellishments and ideas!

In all of these pictures, students used some basic shapes of objects and animals to start and then used tangles to fill them in.

This is a great way to learn certain patterns. I like starting with a predetermined shape sometimes and use all the sections to practice new tangle patterns.

Another idea would be to use watercolors or colored pencils to add color to your Zentangle art!

I hope you have fun trying these ideas and checking out the free video class!

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