Decoupage Trays – DIY December

by Mahe Zehra
I am addicted to collecting beautiful napkins! Even when I am out and about, I always try and save my beautiful printed napkins to create a DIY with.
This Christmas I’m creating some fun little decoupages trays that I will use for serving chocolates and dried fruit.
I will also use these as gifts and create some fun little themed ‘gift trays’. In this post I will first share how I made these trays and then I will also share some ideas with you on how you can use them during this holiday season.

I found my trays at a local craft store. They already had little sections made. You can find something similar at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. They usually have a lot of wood blanks that you can use for this project.
I first covered the whole tray with a coat of chalk paint. I went with a neutral cream as I wanted the pattern of my napkins to really show through.
After the paint had dried I went ahead and used some Mod Podge to layer the napkin pieces on the tray. I separated the napkin layers and just used the top printed one. I also tore the pieces up as I wanted a collage look.
Once the whole tray was covered I gave it another coat of Mod Podge. I recommend a couple of coats to make sure it is sealed. Still this tray cannot be washed or used to serve food.
You can see all the different trays I created below.
I am going to put some out in my lounge with individually wrapped chocolates and toffees as well as some dried fruit.
I am also going to use these trays to create little gift trays for family and friends. I’m sharing some ideas below:
  • Add some fun stationery like washi tape and paper clips, stickers, pens, cute erasers and a little journal for a stationery lover.
  • Add a couple of nail polish colors, a couple of face masks, bath salts and a few individually wrapped chocolates for a spa loving friend.
  • Add hair accessories and fun earrings and bracelets from the dollar tree to create the perfect little gift for a pre-teen.
How will you use your trays? Let me know in the comments below!

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